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Pepperoni With Beef and Pork

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Pepperoni With Beef and Pork

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A pepperoni but probably not as you know it! This has deep beef heart flavour and rolling spice heat. Made and crafted by hand using onl British meats in our workshop in Islington, North London, this is matured for a short time to work perfectly on a pizza.

Now used by many pizzerias all around the UK including Sodo Pizza, Bertha’s Pizza, Pizza East, Birtelli's, Born & Raised, Nell’s Pizza, The Good Slice, The Stable, Hot Wood, Love Triangle, Base Face Pizza, Heist Pizza... and many, many more! Pepperoni began appearing in delis and pizza shops in New York around 1919 and is now many people’s favourite pizza topping!

Ingredients- British Pork, British Beef Heart, Salt, Spices, E250, E252.

Recommended for cooking and must be cooked thoroughly.

Weight - 70g per pack   - and the 210g comes as 3 x 70g packs, so just open and serve/consume when required.