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Wagyu Beef Salami
Wagyu Beef Salami

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Wagyu Beef Salami

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A delicate British, all-beef salami, using Wagyu to increase fat content along with traditional breeds & complimented with a blend of warm spices - cinnammon, nutmeg and cloves. Hung & dried for 4 -5 weeks to retain moisture and a subtle texture. A creamy texture unlike any other salami.  

This is supplied as a whole piece, so you can easily hand slice it exactly as you like it.  

Ingredients - British Beef (94.5%), Spices (2%) (Black Pepper, Nutmeg, cloves, juniper, mace, cinnamon),. Dextrose (1%) salt (2.5%) E250, E252

Available as a 400g whole piece or 200g half