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Texas Joe's Original Jerky - Jerk Flavour

Texas Joe's Original Jerky - Jerk Flavour

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Original Jerk Jerky takes you to Carnival each time you open a bag. This recipe comes from the kitchen of a reggae music legend, who was taught it by his grandmother in Kingston. Fresh scotch bonnet peppers add just the perfect kick of heat with hand squeezed orange juice giving it some zing! We jerk the beef for 72 hours and then top it off with a dusting of our secret blend of fresh ground Jamaican spices.

Beef Jerky, made from the Topside of Beef.

Marinaded Cider Vinegar, Orange Juice, Thyme, Jerk Spice (Habanero, Garlic, Clove, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Thyme, Cinnamon, Chipotle)

Slowly Dried with 50% weight loss

Tossed into a Jerk Season

Low Fat, High Protein, Great snack food 

Weight 95g

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