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Why British charcuterie?

We believe that British Meat is exceptional, which in turn produces exceptional British charcuterie. British farmers produce some of the best meat in the world; we have much higher welfare standards than on the continent, giving a fairer and tastier end product. We work closely with a select group of farmers and suppliers, choosing them based on their exacting standards and highest quality of produce.

London has become one of the world’s most vibrant food capitals, and we take pleasure in supplying the chefs and food lovers that work and live here.

How we work

Employing a whole range of processes and preparations, we transform these great raw products into delicious hams, salamis and whole cuts. We produce in small batches, we don't hurry the process or use any chemicals to accelerate, stabilise or artificially enhance the products.

Adam, Matt and Mat met whilst working in the Barbecoa, and have a deep understanding of butchery. Adam, having worked under some of Europe’s greatest charcutiers in Italy, Germany and Poland, brings a knowledge of butchery, curing, smoking and maturation processes unmatched in the UK.

Bringing this altogether has enabled us to create products we think are outstanding – like our air-dried hams made from rare breed pigs, moist beef bresaola and traditional smoked pepperoni with ox-heart and pork belly.