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The Hibernation Selection

The Hibernation Selection

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All Cobble Lane Meats come with a minimum of 7 weeks ambient shelf life to give you plenty of time to enjoy your Charcuterie.

Last orders for Christmas delivery is Saturday 19 December 2020.

This selection will give you endless amounts of cured meats to get though the winter! All delivered with minimum 7 weeks shelf life, giving you time to experiment with our cured meats adding to a mixture of your home cooked delights. 

Ham Selection, with 540g total of the following:

3 x Bresaola 60g – cured with a large mixture of herbs and a small amount of balsamic which give a refreshing tang. It is a great way to experience British beef.

3 x Sliced Coppa 60g – This cured marbled pork collar is  a great showcase for flavoursome, well raised British pork. Matured for 2-3 months, this cut develops a rich flavour.

3 x Sliced Lomo 60g – A simple air dried ham – using the eye of the pork loin, flavoured with garlic and Hungarian paprika.

Salami Selection with 540g total of the following:

3 x Fennel and Garlic Salami 60g – Our take on a classic Italian finocchiona, has a fresh and clean fennel fragrance rounded out with a little garlic.

3 x N1 Soppressata 60g – Coarsely minced pork salami flavoured with a selection of sweet medium-heat chilli's and Hungarian Paprika.

3 x Salt and Pepper Salami 60g – A simple salami allowing the pork to shine!


2 x Pancetta 200g – Three month matured British Pancetta. Enjoy eating as is or as an ingredient for your cooking.

3 x Nduja 100g – Spicy, Smooth, spreadable salami! Smoked over Oak wood this is the perfect addition to almost every dish.

2 x Spicy Kabanos 200g – A spicy take on this traditional Polish snack is made from pork shoulder, and a mixture of paprika and chilli.

1 x Islington Saucisson 300g– Islington’s finest Saucisson, coarsely minced lean and fatty pork, flavoured with a subtle amount of spices and matured for extra long to develop a intense deep traditional saucisson flavour.

* If any of the items are unavailable we will replace with a similar item.