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Sliced meats selection 225g

Sliced meats selection 225g

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CURRENT SELECTION: beef round (bresaola), collar (coppa) and fennel salami

Beef Round / Bresaola

Topside of Beef. 

Ingredients: Beef topside(94%) Salt (3.5%), Spices- Rosemary, thyme, Juniper, Bay Leaves, Majoran, Oregano, Black Pepper (2%) Dextrose (.5%) Preservatives: E250 Sodium Nitrite, E252 Potassium Nitrate

Colla / Coppa

Collar of Pork 

Ingredients: Pork (95%), salt (3%) Spices - Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Cloves, Juniper, Mace, Garlic (1.5%),Sugar (.5%)Preservatives: E250 Sodium Nitrite, E252 Potassium Nitrate


Fennel & Garlic Salami

Fermented & air-dried sausage with spices

Ingredients:Pork (70%), Pork Fat(25%), Spices- Black Pepper, white Pepper, Fennel, cloves, cinnamon, rosemary, garlic (2%) Salt (2.5%), Dextrose (.5% Preservatives: E250 Sodium Nitrite, E252 Potassium Nitrate.